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Republicans Still Comparing Gay Marriage to Incest

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett
Photo: Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Someone should remind the GOP once again that anti-gay bigotry has fallen out of fashion with most Americans. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett did not get the memo: Speaking to the local news about his state attorneys’ analogy between same-sex couples and children — marriage licenses are valid for neither, they argued — Corbett explained, “It was an inappropriate analogy, you know. I think a much better analogy would have been brother and sister, don’t you?” No, actually, but Rick Santorum, himself a former Pennsylvania senator turned national punchline, might agree.

Update: Corbett has delivered a classic non-apology apology. “My words were not intended to offend anyone. If they did, I apologize,” he said in a statement. “I explained that current Pennsylvania statute delineates categories of individuals unable to obtain a marriage license. As an example, I cited siblings as one such category, which is clearly defined in state law. My intent was to provide an example of these categories.” There more, if you want to hear it.

Tom Corbett Compares Gay Marriage to Incest