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Random Drone Crash Nearly Takes Out Manhattan Businessman

Photo: Don McCullough’s Flickr

A businessman was almost hit by a small helicopter drone in New York City on Monday when the three-pound device struck a building and fell from the sky. The man was able to obtain video footage of the failed flight from the machine’s memory card, but the NYPD doesn’t really care about his close call, ABC 7 reports: “He called police who took a look at the drone video, but did no further investigation because they said no law was broken.”

As drone-obsessive and Tumblr founder David Karp explained to New York in this week’s issue, “These things are amazing. These things are not regulated. I keep destroying them. I’ve had five of them.” Apparently they are difficult to control.

Here’s the footage obtained by ABC:

Meanwhile, the mystery parachuters who landed in lower Manhattan earlier this week have not been caught. Watch your heads.

Watch a Drone Hit a Manhattan Building: Video