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Alleged Bryant Park Shooter Saved Some Ranting for Reporters

As police were banging on his door Sunday morning, 16-year-old Corey Dunton wrote on Facebook, “MANNNNN DO I END MY LIFE IDK WAT TO DO I F- - KED UP.” That glimmer of repentance was gone the next day. While being escorted to his arraignment, he shouted at reporters, “F— all you ni–as! It wasn’t over a jacket, it was over your mother, ni–a!,” according to the Post. On Monday, NYPD Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said that after demanding a 20-year-old Bryant Park skater’s Marmot Mammoth parka, “The shooter calls him over to the side where he actually clears people away from the line of fire and he fires eight shots at the individual that was struck.” It’s not great news, but at least Dunton’s attorney has something to work with.

Alleged Bryant Park Shooter Ranted at Reporters