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Uh, By the Way, There’s Lots of Stuff on the Back of the Ballot for You to Fill Out

Photo: sysadmin

Even the most mediocre ballot design would presumably indicate, somewhere on the front side, that there are more things for you to vote on on the back side. Maybe it would say “Continue on Back” at the bottom of the page, or “See Other Side,” or simply “Turn Over.” New York City’s ballots, however, exhibit no indication, at all, anywhere, that six ballot propositions — on the legalization of casino gambling, the maximum age of judges, and a bunch of stuff you don’t really understand or care about — await your vote on the back of the ballot. Your poll worker might tell you about the back, but she might not. (Mine didn’t.) So, just so you know, there’s stuff on the back. 

Photo: sysadmin
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Don’t Forget to Turn Over Your Ballot