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Idiot Slides Off Upper Deck at Bills-Jets Game, Falls on Man Below [Updated]

So you’re sitting in the top deck at the Bills vs. Jets game in Buffalo yesterday. There’s a railing nearby, running along the edge of the section, and you think you might like to slide down it. The best-case scenario is you complete a successful if pointless and unremarkable slide. The worst-case scenario is you lose your balance, plummet over the side, and kill yourself and others. Obviously, you go for the slide

The worst-case scenario didn’t happen, but it still ended up pretty awful. While the slider injured his shoulder and is going to be fine…

… the man he fell on suffered a head injury of unknown severity. A self-described witness says he was “hurt bad.”

Update, 2:03 p.m.: Both the Sliding Idiot and the man he fell on have been released from the hospital

Idiot Slides Off Upper Deck at Bills-Jets Game