Bloomberg Lands New Job at Bloomberg

Photo: Andrew Burton/Getty Images

I’m not going back to Bloomberg L.P.,” Michael Bloomberg said to Forbes last week. Asked why he wouldn’t run the media company named after him again, he said, “I did it for 20 years.” But he will be back in some capacity, Capital New York reports, specifically at the opinion site Bloomberg View, where he may take the title of chairman. “This suggests he’ll be more hands on than other senior managers might have anticipated,” a source said, so no more lunch or bathroom breaks.

Bloomberg View launched in 2011, but has so far failed to really catch on as an influencer even after two rounds of big-name hires. In its debut editorial, the site promised its still-evolving “philosophy” would reflect “values embodied by Mike Bloomberg, the founder of Bloomberg LP.”

The outgoing mayor is expected to start in January. But first, Bloomberg told Forbes, “my girlfriend [Diana Taylor] and I are going on our first vacation in 12 years, to Hawaii and New Zealand, to play golf.” (Bermuda doesn’t count.)

Bloomberg Lands New Job at Bloomberg