Businessweek Editor Josh Tyrangiel Taking a Break to Focus on Bloomberg TV

The buzzy and boyish Josh Tyrangiel, editor of Bloomberg Businessweek, will temporarily “detach” from the magazine for the rest of the year to help grow the company’s television presence, according to an internal memo obtained by Daily Intelligencer. The switch-up comes as part of the “100-day” strategy plan introduced by new Bloomberg Media CEO Justin Smith, known for his digital magic at the Atlantic Media Co.

In his absence Businessweek’s all-star team of creative partners” — known for the magazine’s clever covers, like this week’s retro Twitter bird — “including Romesh Ratnesar, Ellen Pollock, Brad Wieners, Richard Turley, Janet Paskin will keep the magazine humming.” Tyrangiel plans to return to his post at the start of 2014, while also keeping up the TV adviser work. He’ll be gone for about six issues.

Here’s the full memo:




Dear Colleagues:

I wanted to reach out to all of you to provide a quick leadership update related to Bloomberg Media Group’s 100-day strategy exercise, which we formally initiated three weeks ago. As you know, we’re conducting this process internally — no outside consultants or strategists — because I believe in the talent and ideas that exist within our ranks.

To lean more heavily on that talent and make sure all of our voices are being heard, I’ve asked Josh Tyrangiel to detach from Bloomberg Businessweek and join me and Andy full-time through the end of the year. Josh will help with all aspects of the strategy process, with a special focus on thinking through our plans for television. Over the last four years, Josh has transformed Bloomberg Businessweek into a must-read with a fresh voice, personality and perspective. Josh and his team’s approach to storytelling have made Businessweek the destination for intelligent conversation around global business. In short, he’s taken the essence of Bloomberg and transformed it into a successful, influential consumer brand. In his absence Businessweek’s all-star team of creative partners including Romesh Ratnesar, Ellen Pollock, Brad Wieners, Richard Turley, Janet Paskin will keep the magazine humming.

Effective immediately, the US TV group will be report directly to Josh.

In advising me more broadly on television and the Media Group, Josh will also be our writer in residence as we turn our strategy for Bloomberg Media due early next year into a cohesive narrative (we couldn’t ask for someone more over-qualified).


Businessweek Editor Taking Break to Focus on TV