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Charge Dropped Against Man Accused of Fatally Beating Transgender Woman

Citing confusion between witness accounts that fingered two different suspects, prosecutors Tuesday dropped a misdemeanor assault charge against one man in the death of Islan Nettles, the transgender woman beaten in Harlem over the summer, who later died. Police are hoping they can re-charge someone with a felony for Nettles’s death, but they’re still trying to figure out whom. The confusion comes after the mother of the original suspect, Paris Wilson, marched a friend of Wilson’s into the 32nd Precinct to confess to the beating. Wilson was arrested near the scene shortly after the attack in the early morning of Aug. 17. Police didn’t believe Wilson’s still-unidentified friend’s confession at the time, but witnesses accounts later put him at the scene. Problematically, contradicting witness accounts identified Wilson as the attacker, and so far, cops can’t figure out who to believe.

Charge Dropped in Transgender Woman’s Death