Customers Deny They Stiffed Gay Waitress, Say We’re Being Hoaxed

Photo: Have A Gay Day/Facebook

A family claiming to be the customers who “stiffed” a gay New Jersey restaurant server says they actually left her $18 on the $93 tab, and the subsequent uproar is based on a hoax. The family spoke anonymously to NBC New York, saying the bill was theirs but not the note that said, “I do not agree with your lifestyle and how you live your life.” They provided documents that looked like a receipt with the tip on it, and a credit card charge for $111.55. It appears there was a misunderstanding over the name of their server, Dayna Morales, after the family thought the hostess said her name was “Dan.” If this really was a hoax, a financial motive seems unlikely as Morales has donated the donations she’s received to charity. Either way, expect to see a diatribe about how you can’t trust anything anymore in our next check sermon.

Customers Deny They Stiffed Gay Waitress