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David Koch Remembers JFK As Pro-Business, Doesn’t Believe the Conspiracies

David Koch
Photo: Joe Schildhorn/

Last night at the American Museum of Natural History’s Museum Gala, David Koch, the billionaire supporter of the arts and the Republicans, said that he is not among the famous JFK conspiracy theorists. “I think that’s all totally inaccurate,” said Koch, as he strolled into the Hall of Biodiversity. “They studied the assassination — every detail — so thoroughly, more than any other murder has probably ever been studied. And it’s overwhelmingly clear that [Oswald] did it by himself. He was a really bad guy. I watched a number of documentaries on it. Several different stations have made these documentaries and boy, it’s so obvious that he was the bad guy, you know?”

It’s a sad story,” Koch continued. “God, you know, I remember when he was killed I watched on television that night. Gosh, everybody was crying. I was a Republican. I am still a Republican. But when you see someone that handsome and that charming get gunned down like that it breaks your heart. It really does.”

And I was watching some of those old films, 50 years later, it brings tears to my eyes still,” he said. “So anyway, that’s how I look at it. And I think that John Kennedy was very supportive of American business. Unfortunately, our current president doesn’t feel that way, but John Kennedy did.

David Koch Remembers JFK, Slams Obama