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Debrahlee Lorenzana Is Suing People Again

Debrahlee Lorenzana, a curvy Queens brunette, said she was dressing professionally, but her male bosses and co-workers still found her too steamy and fired her.
Debrahlee Lorenzana. Photo: Saswat Pattanayak / Splash/Corbis

Nearly three-and-a-half years ago, curvaceous bankeress Debrahlee Lorenzana accused Citigroup of firing her for being too distractingly beautiful — unlike her short, overweight” co-workers. You probably forgot all about her, because there’s only so much space in your brain, and there was no reason to hold on to this story for so long. But make a little room (there’s probably still a lot of math in there you’ll never need) because Lorenzana is back, and once again doing the thing that made her briefly famous: suing people.

The Daily News reports that Lorenzana is suing Quest Diagnostics for inflicting her with “serious and severe permanent injuries” while drawing blood, leaving her with “severe shock and damage to her nervous system,” although how it happened is unclear. She’s also suing a taxi driver who rear-ended her car, because Lorenzana “developed more severe nerve damage after the car accident.” Her lawyer says they’re “not 100 percent sure which incident caused the injury.” Lorenzana does not claim that the Quest nurse and the taxi driver targeted her for being hot, although that’s probably a safe assumption.