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Passed Out Denver Nuggets Mascot Lowered Limply to Earth

One can just imagine the frolicking and cheerleading the Denver Nuggets mascot Rocky the Mountain Lion would be doing while getting lowered to the court on a wire during the team’s home opener Friday. But one will have to only imagine it, because when they actually did the stunt, the person inside the Rocky suit passed out, and hung limply while they lowered him to the floor, where he collapsed. Making the whole scene even more bizarre, the team’s cheerleaders kept dancing during Rocky’s catatonic descent, and the spotlight stayed on him until he reached the ground. No word on what happened, but Denver’s ABC affiliate reports the guy playing Rocky walked off under his own power, and Rocky tweets that he’s feeling better today. So you can guiltlessly laugh at the weird video.

Denver Nuggets Mascot Unconscious During Stunt