the war on christmas

Georgia School’s War on Christmas Reveals Huge Double Standard

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The Main Street Academy, an Atlanta-area charter school, is one of many public institutions waging an annual War on Christmas this year, and at least one local parent is appalled. Darryl Woods tipped off Fox News columnist Todd Starnes to a school note he received describing the set list for his child’s upcoming holiday program:


We will begin rehearsing popular American holiday music (such as Jingle Bells, Feliz Navidad and Santa Claus is Coming to Town) during music class,” the music teacher wrote in the letter.

But it was the next sentence that caused Mr. Woods’ jaw to drop.

“Religious songs will not be included,” it stated.

Okay, so, yeah, three Christmas songs. But not a single Christmas song that proclaims Jesus the Lord and savior of all humanity. Even worse, this public school’s reluctance to force all of its students to sing about the holiness of Jesus represents a glaring double standard:

He said when it comes to holidays, there appears to be a double standard at the charter school. A few weeks ago the school celebrated Halloween with ghosts, demons and goblins roaming the hallway.

It’s okay to celebrate demons but you can’t celebrate Jesus,” Mr. Woods told me.

A School’s Huge War on Christmas Double Standard