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Anonymous Hacker Jeremy Hammond Gets 10 Years in Prison

The government is not playing around with these computer kids: A federal judge in Manahttan today sentenced hacker celeb and human cause Jeremy Hammond to ten years, the maximum allowed under his plea deal, for an array of security breaches against the FBI, the intelligence firm Stratfor, police departments around the country, and many more institutions of power. At his sentencing, Anonymous supporters crowded the court room and even took the mic to prank the judge as she called Hammond “unrepentant.”

Mr. Hammond sees himself as a modern day Robin Hood,” said Chief Judge Loretta Preska. “He says he had the best of intentions and sought to disclose information the public has a right to know but … ignores the widespread harm he’s caused to countless individuals and organizations.”

Yes, I broke the law, but I believe sometimes laws must be broken in order to make room for change,” said Hammond, who was arrested following fellow Anonymous member Sabu’s flip to FBI informant. “I still believe in ‘hacktivism’ as a form of civil disobedience,” he said, shouting “Long live Anonymous!” on his way out the door.

Anonymous Hacker Sentenced to 10 Years