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John McAfee Had Neighbor Troubles in Portland, Too

Photo: Paula Bustamante/AFP Images/Getty

John McAfee, who fled Belize last year as police sought him for questioning in the death of his American expat neighbor there, has not escaped neighborly troubles on his return to the United States. He settled in a luxury apartment in Portland, Oregon, where he soon found himself in conflict with the building’s superintendent who now has a protective order against the former software magnate. The manager accuses McAfee of stalking and threatening him, accusing him of being part of a conspiracy, and telling him, “I hope you have a safe to run to,” something McAfee denies.

McAfee, who says he no longer lives in the building or even in Portland, says he sure did have a problem with the building manager, who he claims freely gave out sets of keys to friends to party in empty condos. But, “I certainly never threatened anybody, except with threats of lawsuits.”

But according to the complaint, as reported in the Portland Oregonian, McAfee sent a series of e-mails to the super, Connor Hyde, accusing him of conspiring with the family of Gregory Faull, the slain Belize neighbor. “In the filing seeking the protective order, Hyde writes that McAfee has access to weapons and ‘armed associates’ from an unnamed motorcycle club.” Indeed, McAfee acknowledged hiring bodyguards with ties to the club, but he says now that he lives in Montreal, he doesn’t plan on attending any hearings associated with the protective order. This episode of Portlandia is going to be great.

John McAfee Had Neighbor Troubles in Portland