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The Daily Show Buries Joe Lhota, Dances on Grave

As if Bill de Blasio needed the help, Jon Stewart took a sick amount of glee last night in defecating on the legacy of Joe Lhota, who may soon be forgotten. (Stewart also kicked Mayor Bloomberg on his way out, referring to him as “a soda-hating leprechaun who, as you know, purchased the city with his pot of gold,” before admitting they’re actually the same size.)

Of Lhota, the self-professed mayoral “underdog,” Stewart offered that he’s more like “the kind of dog that sings Sarah McLachlan songs” in those heartbreaking SPCA commercials.

“I almost feel bad for Joe Lhota,” Stewart added unconvincingly, proceeding to give him another couple of swift kicks, adding that he looks like “what happened when New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine fucked the Grumpy Cat.” The theme of the night was apparently animal cruelty.

Jon Stewart Buries Joe Lhota, Dances on Grave