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Here Is Josh Romney’s Car Crash Rescue Not-So-Humblebrag

“Hey look, Dad!”

Over Thanksgiving, Josh Romney came upon a big vehicular accident in Holladay, Utah, where he “lifted 4 people out to safety.” After establishing that the passengers and the homeowner into whose basement the car crashed into were “All ok. Thankful,” he stopped to pose, tourist-style, with the mangled wreckage, and posted the photo to Twitter.

He also added it to Facebook with the modest caption:

I was the first on scene to the huge accident on 4500 South last night. Fortunately, nobody was seriously injured and I was able to lift all four passengers out of the car. The car just missed us at the intersection and hit this house going about 70 mph. You can see from the pic that we are in the homeowner’s kitchen.”

Somehow, he still managed to look sort of menacing.

See Josh Romney’s Car Crash Rescue Humblebrag