Manhattan Man Sues for $1.2 Million Over Anonymous Blogs About His ‘Micro Penis’

A PG entry from the oeuvre.

It’s Fatal Attraction meets Swimfan meets Gossip Girl for the middle-aged, online-dating set: Distinguished man meets distinguished woman (“over the Internet”), goes on three dates, gets Google-bombed, files defamation lawsuit. 

Jon Wender, a 53-year-old Manhattan architect, believes Louise Silberling, an editorial associate at Cornell University’s Sage School of Philosophy, is to blame for the very detailed websites “Truth About John Wender” and “John Wender Architect,” which include rant after rant about his supposed sexual and personality disorders. The words “tiny STD-infested weiner,” “seedy BDSM lifestyle,” and “yellow plaque build up” appear. (Also “micro penis.”)

There is much, much more, and it remains online:

She went to my high school,” Wender said to the Daily News. “We only went on three dates. It’s affected my life, it’s affected my kids’ lives. She’s insane.” For having his reputation “irreparably harmed,” Wender wants $1.2 million.

Silberling, meanwhile, told the Post, “Hmmmmm.” She added that the claims are “bogus.”

Memo to scorned women everywhere: There’s an app for that — it’s called Lulu.

Man Sues Over Blogs About His ‘Micro Penis’