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Manhattan Man Complains Almost Enough for All New Yorkers


Many forces prevent your average New Yorker from complaining to the authorities about every troubling or annoying thing they see in the city: low levels of free time, high levels of apathy, and even appropriate levels of shame. So, anyone who wants to experience the vicarious thrill of adequately airing their grievances should read this New York Times profile of Robert Gluckstadt (h/t Gothamist), a 61-year-old Tribeca resident whose apparently constant attempts to get the city to acknowledge his complaints include having a street preacher arrested for telling him he would “burn in Hell” and pulling an emergency break cord to draw attention to bongo drummers on the subway. (He’s also called 911 on them.) “I can’t stand those subway drummers,” he explained. Bless this guy, and may we never cross his path.

Manhattan Man Complains for All New Yorkers