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Map: Here’s Where Bill de Blasio Dominated


Not that it took anyone by surprise, but Bill de Blasio won by, um, a lot last night. His 48-point lead over Joe Lhota is easily the largest margin of victory in a mayoral race by a non-incumbent since the first five-borough election in 1897. Exit polls show that the win was not only deep, but broad: De Blasio won every race, gender, income level, education level, religious group, and age group. (Lhota won Republicans, conservatives, and white men.) But in the New York Times results map above, you can see where De Blasio really ran up the score: In the predominantly black and Hispanic areas of central Brooklyn, southeast Queens, upper Manhattan, and the Bronx. It’s not hard to find election districts in these areas that De Blasio won with 99 percent of the vote or more — in district 32-069, for example, in Rochdale, Queens, De Blasio received 349 votes and Lhota received … zero. We mean, come on. That’s just mean.

Map: Where Bill de Blasio Dominated