stuff mitt romney is doing these days

Mitt Romney Wandering Through Cold New York

[Mitt Romney is walking along Central Park South on a dark, November night, wheeling a suitcase as he searches for his hotel. He stops and looks around as people hurriedly pass by on all sides.]

Mitt Romney: Excuse me, sir, could you direct me to the nearby J.W. Marriott Hotel?

[Man ignores Romney, continues walking.]

Mitt Romney: Ma’am, I’m trying to get to the Marriott. 

Woman: I don’t care.

Mitt Romney: Hello, friend, could you please 

Man: I don’t have any change. 

[Romney takes a moment to gauge his surroundings. He turns into the park and is now wandering in the opposite direction of his hotel. A gust of wind blows, and Romney pulls his jacket collar tight over his neck.]

Mitt Romney: So cold. So … very cold.