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Nor’easter Could Make Pre-Thanksgiving Travel Even More Difficult Than Usual

Photo: NOAA

Forecasts now say that the freezing squall some people still call a nor’easter might hit the East Coast at one of the worst possible times: the day before Thanksgiving. According to the Weather Channel, a storm system that is currently covering the Southwest with sleet and snow is on track to arrive in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday evening, bringing with it strong wind, low clouds, and precipitation that could result in “massive flight delays” at all of the Mid-Atlantic’s major airports on Wednesday. A report from the National Weather Service also warns that “delays can be expected regardless of the travel mode (air, road, rail) … These conditions will persist through Wednesday before gradually improving Thanksgiving morning.” “Probably the last chance to avoid any significant travel delays would be Tuesday morning in the Northeast, even Monday and early Tuesday,” says the Weather Channel’s Jonathan Erdman. Other options include rescheduling Thanksgiving for Friday or simply sitting back and assuming that the nation’s meteorologists are just trying get some extra holiday-season attention.

Nor’easter Could Make Holiday Travel Difficult