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NYPD Shootings by the Numbers, 2012 Edition

The New York Times has the stats today from a police department report detailing all of the shootings in 2012 involving NYPD officers. More people were killed by police and more cops were shot last year than any other time during the Bloomberg administration.

People hit by NYPD gunfire: 30

People killed by NYPD gunfire: 16

People shot by the NYPD accidentally (bystanders or accidental discharge): 14

Total rounds fired by NYPD: 331

Total rounds fired during one incident in Washington Heights: 84

Officers shot: 13

Officers killed in shootings: 0

Officers who killed themselves with NYPD guns: 8

Dogs shot by NYPD: 24

Officers disciplined for violating deadly force guidelines: 1

Police Shootings by the Numbers, 2012 Edition