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Is Patrick Stewart … a Pole Leaner? [Updated]

Photo: 123fakerusty/Reddit

Patrick Stewart is widely beloved for his superb acting ability, his reliably fantastic tweets, and his adorable recent discovery of the pizza slice. But there appears to be a hitherto unknown dark side to Patrick Stewart. A Redditor posted this photo yesterday of a man who looks a lot like Stewart doing one of the more inconsiderate things one can do on the subway: leaning up against the pole. There’s maybe a 10 percent chance that this is just some other hairless man who looks exactly like Stewart and is wearing a hat that closely resembles a hat Stewart wears, but it’s probably Stewart. 

Photo: 123fakerusty/Reddit; Splash News

To give him the benefit of the doubt, Stewart is a recent émigré to New York, and may not be totally familiar with our customs and complex rules of etiquette. Or maybe he has a cold, and he was trying not to spread his germs. We’re open to believing any explanation that would retain our pristine image of Sir Patrick. 

Update, 1:39 p.m.: Patrick Stewart defends his actions on Twitter:

Patrick Stewart Is a Pole Leaner?