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Ray Kelly Incorrectly Labels SantaCon ‘a Peaceful Event’

Can we just not? Photo: Jim Kiernan

For a glorious minute last week, it seemed that there might be an end to SantaCon, the terrible annual tradition of grown adults dressing in Santa suits and drinking until they puke all over the streets of New York. That hope came in the form of a midtown precinct lieutenant telling area bars they shouldn’t participate in the madness because even the income it generates isn’t worth the subsequent mess. Ray Kelly has other ideas, though. 

On Friday, the police commissioner said that although “there have been rowdy actions by a small handful of people in the past” — including “some fighting [and] blocking the sidewalk with large numbers of people” — the event is generally a peaceful one “that we want to support and facilitate.” He added that SantaCon is “what makes New York New York.” New Yorkers who don’t spend their weekends actively trying to embarrass themselves (or just those with even a modicum of civic pride) might at first find that statement confusing. It makes more sense, however, if you think of it as Kelly’s attempt to ensure that his fake-friend Bill de Blasio is forced to deal with the headache for years to come.

Ray Kelly Incorrectly Calls SantaCon ‘Peaceful’