Ricin Suspect Cannot Stop Trying to Send Poison Letters

James Everett Dutschke.

In the spring, the various ricin stories spiraled out of control Rob Ford-style, growing from a mildly crazy story about somebody mailing ricin-laced letters to President Obama to somehow involve a tae kwon do instructor, an Elvis impersonator, and a Walking Dead zombie. Now, incredibly, it gets even weirder: The Associated Press reports James Everett Dutschke has been indicted for a second time for allegedly trying to send more ricin letters to Senator Roger Wicker while incarcerated. Dutschke is accused of trying to recruit someone to send poisoned letters in an apparent attempt to re-frame his “longtime personal enemy” Paul Kevin Curtis, who was initially arrested for the crime. Ricin got him into this mess, so why can’t ricin get him out of it?

Ricin Suspect Indicted Again From Jail