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Did a Huffy Rob Ford Pretend to Be a Radio Caller Defending His Crack Tape?

The citizens of Toronto got little more than a temper tantrum and some mumbling from their mayor yesterday, after police said they’d obtained the video of him smoking crack. But a call-in radio guest by the name of “Ian” delivered a spirited defense of Rob Ford on the local airwaves, and it just so happened that he sounded exactly like … Rob Ford. Now, we don’t know the ins and outs of the Toronto mayor’s speech tics (because … Canada), but host Bill Carroll sounds pretty sure. “Mayor Ford, I know your voice. This is you, isn’t it, Mayor Ford?” he says to “Ian,” who promptly hangs up. It all sounds crazy until you consider why we’re discussing this story in the first place.

Rob Ford Defends Crack Tape on the Radio?