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The 5 Best Parts of Rob Ford’s Interview With Matt Lauer

Rob Ford’s American media tour continued this morning with a classic Matt Lauer sit-down for the Today show. These were the five best parts. 

5. Rob Ford is still lying about what reporters asked him about his drug use. “And they said, ‘Do you use crack cocaine?’ No, I don’t use crack cocaine. No. Have I tried crack cocaine. Yes.” Reporters did, in fact, ask Ford “countless times” whether he had ever tried crack or other illegal drugs, and he refused to answer. 

4. “We’ve all made mistakes, Matt.” Some of us have made, like, a thousand. 

3. Ford on the time he did crack on video during a drunken stupor: “I was very, very inebriated.”

2. Doug Ford said this: “It’s very simple: Show me any mayor in North America, right this second, that has done what he has done.” Uh, yeah, no kidding. “He saved the taxpayers a billion dollars.” Oh, that.

1. Rob Ford says it’s “fortunate” that no major emergencies have occurred while he’s been on a bender, but insists that such a situation “could happen with anybody at any time.” Right, except that very few people are responsible for a city of 2.8 million people. 

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The 5 Best Parts of Rob Ford’s Matt Lauer Q&A