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Would You Let Another Person Sleep on You in the Subway?

Photo: Reddit

The bizarro-world version of the Crown Heights riots took place on a Q train last week when a black man fell asleep on an Orthodox Jewish man, who stayed perfectly still so as not to wake him. “He must have had a long day, let him sleep,” the human pillow, Isaac Theil, told the bystander who snapped his photo and posted it to Reddit. “We’ve all been there, right?” The photo went viral and solved all of the world’s problems forever, according to the response on Facebook.

Whether or not Thiel’s act of sitting in place qualifies as some sort of humanity-salvaging feat, it was certainly a nice thing to do. Personally, if some guy fell asleep on us, we would immediately unleash a series of very loud, very fake coughs to wake him up. 

Would You Let Another Person Sleep on You?