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Times Square Billboard Showing American Soldier Hugging Muslim Woman Rejected

Photo: SnoreStop

The (supposedly) subversive image comes courtesy of SnoreStop, an anti-snoring mouth spray, with the tagline, “If we can keep this couple together, we can keep anyone together.” Hmmm. According to Clear Channel, which owns billboards in Times Square, the sign was rejected “because of its ‘sensitive nature’ and ‘uncomfortable imagery.’”

There is no nudity or bigotry or hostility in our #betogether campaign,” the company’s “branding officer” said. “In fact, we are specifically and aggressively promoting diversity, equality and harmony.” Or something like that.

I wasn’t expecting to get rejected, but it is leading to publicity,” Darren Shuster, whose PR firm is representing SnoreStop, admitted to Daily Intelligencer. But getting both the Internet press for the rejection and a billboard in New York City — “the global stage,” said Shuster — “would be ideal.” If this actually sells anti-snoring spray one way or the other, we’ll be damned. 

Soldier-and-Muslim-Woman Billboard Rejected