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Can You Identify Each New York City Borough by Its Favorite Spotify Songs?

Most of these boroughs like Haim. Photo: Shutterstock

In honor of this weekend’s New York City marathon and the many runners who’ll be listening to music as they unnecessarily torture themselves, Spotify has released a list of the current ten most-popular songs in each of the city’s five boroughs. See if you can I.D. the borough based on just its top three favorite songs. 

Borough A:

1. Haim, “The Wire”
2. Arcade Fire, “Reflektor”
3.  Santigold, “Disparate Youth”

Borough B:

1. Haim, “The Wire”
2. Badfinger, “Baby Blue”
3. Cash Cash, “Take Me Home” [feat. Bebe Rexha]

Borough C:

1. Romeo Santos, “Propuesta Indecente”
2. Prince Royce, “Darte un Beso”
3. Marc Anthony, “Vivir Mi Vida”

Borough D:

1. Lykke Li, “I Follow Rivers — The Magician Remix”
2. One Direction, “Little Things”
3. Ciara, “Body Party”

Borough E:

1. Haim, “The Wire”
2. The Naked and Famous, “Punching in a Dream”
3. Lorde, “Biting Down”

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A) Brooklyn
B) Queens
C) The Bronx
D) Staten Island
E) Manhattan

Did you get all five? Bullshit. Don’t lie. 

Identify the Borough by Its Favorite Songs