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The Most Romantic Marriage Proposal at a Staten Island Best Buy Ever of All Time

There’s a bit in the new Aziz Ansari stand-up special, Buried Alive, in which the comedian gives an audience member a hard time for proposing to his girlfriend in a “five star” restaurant, but at lunch, before the meal. (“Sir, when it comes to their bread-stick policy, does the word unlimited come to mind?”) But the big-screen TV section of a Staten Island Best Buy — soundtracked by Train’s “Marry Me” — is something else altogether.

I went to Times Square and they weren’t able to do it, and when I went to Best Buy they were happy to do it for no charge,” said Frank Chiaramonte, who beat Hodgkin’s lymphoma with his girlfriend by his side, and who told the Staten Island Advance that “he has always been a TV enthusiast.”

I wanted a proposal that was different; now, in the future, when we drive by Best Buy we will always remember it,” he added.

Staten Island Best Buy Marriage Proposal: Video