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And Now, a Holiday Message From Anthony Weiner

“To 2013!” Photo: @KateRoseMe

What’s next? I’ll keep you posted on my plans. But I hope we keep the band together,” wrote failed mayoral candidate and noted sexter Anthony Weiner in a Thursday Facebook update intended for his supporters. (Some comments on the post indicate that not everyone who follows him on Facebook is a supporter.) In addition to hinting that he might write a book and pledging vague support for various liberal causes, Weiner acknowledged that this year “certainly didn’t go as I had hoped” and again apologized for the “personal mistakes” that “undermined an amazing campaign.” But it wasn’t all bad! “Even the snarky comments of our opponents weren’t entirely humorless,” he added. “Huma and I were buoyed by the kind wishes of countless friends and total strangers.” Apologies to those who were hoping to make it to 2014 without hearing from Weiner again, but you should also probably get used to it. 

Anthony Weiner Posts Holiday Message