Watch Asiana Flight 214’s Crash in Horrifying New Detail

In the first day of the National Transportation Safety Board’s investigative hearing into the crash of Asiana Airlines flight 214 in San Francisco last summer, the pilot, Capt. Lee Kang Kuk, told investigators he found it hard to land without a piece of airport equipment that wasn’t functioning. The glidescope indicator syncs with the airplane’s controls and tells pilots if they’re too low or too high, CNN explains. But it was down so that the FAA could make runway improvements. Meanwhile, the co-pilot, Bong Dongwon, said he alerted the pilot to the plane’s fast rate of descent four times. The NTSB has said the pilot wasn’t using an auto-thrust system, which led to the plane’s fast descent. But all of this is fairly dry compared to the new video released on Wednesday, which shows just how violent that crash really was.

Watch Asiana Flight 214’s Crash in New Detail