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Dick Cheney Suprised Daughter Was ‘Attacked’ Just for Dissing Sister’s Marriage

Photo: OLIVIA HARRIS/AFP Images/Getty

Last month, Dick and Lynne Cheney made it clear that their longtime support for marriage equality does not trump their preference for their daughter Liz, who’s running for a Senate seat in Wyoming. “We were surprised that there was an attack launched against Liz on Facebook, and wished it hadn’t happened,” the former vice president told ABC News, referring to comments made by Mary and her wife Heather Poe online. “It’s always been dealt with within the context of the family and frankly that’s our preference.” Cheney doesn’t care if Liz was “looking at” Mary, pulled her hair, or declared on a national news program that her marriage shouldn’t be legal – he will not tolerate fighting in this family. Before heading to a fundraiser for Liz’s campaign in Georgetown, Cheney concluded the interview with his characteristic charm. “That’s as far as I’m going to go on the subject,” Cheney said. “Don’t waste your time.”

Cheney Surprised by Gay-Marriage ‘Attack’ on Liz