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Chris Christie Perfecting His Scoffing-at-Scandals for 2016

Always a master at verbally body-slamming questions he doesn’t like — be they from the press or voters — New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is now fine-tuning his that’s ridiculous rants for a national audience. The issue at hand: Mounting evidence that Christie loyalists shut down three lanes of the George Washington Bridge, causing crazy traffic jams, as revenge against a local mayor who didn’t endorse the governor. “I know you guys are obsessed with this,” Christie told reporters yesterday. “I’m not.”

I’m really not,” he said. “It’s not that big of [a] deal.” So it’s settled then.

Just because the press runs around and writes about it both here and nationally, I know why that is and so do you, let’s not pretend that it’s because of the gravity of the issue,” he continued. “It’s because I am a national figure and anything like this will be written a lot about now.”

He’s right about that — and at least he’s not being too cagey about the scope of his political ambitions. But as his proverbial closets start getting cleaned out, and the aforementioned but never fully examined skeletons get asked about, “It’s not that big of a deal” is likely to become a refrain. This is just the warm-up.

Chris Christie Scoffs at Traffic Scandal