Exclusive Clip From Terror on a Train, a Documentary About the 1993 LIRR Massacre

This Saturday marks the twentieth anniversary of the 1993 massacre on the Long Island Rail Road, in which six commuters were killed and nineteen injured by Colin Ferguson during one of the deadliest mass shootings of the nineties. The circus-like trial garnered intense fascination and media coverage after Ferguson dismissed his defense attorneys — who wanted to plea temporary insanity brought on by “black rage” — and represented himself (poorly). He was found guilty and was sentenced to a minimum of 315 years in prison. One notable legacy of the slaughter is the ongoing congressional career of Carolyn McCarthy, who successfully ran for Congress on a gun-control platform after her husband was killed by Ferguson.

Tomorrow night, the Investigation Discovery channel will air a documentary about the shooting and its fallout, Terror on a Train, directed by a friend of one of Ferguson’s victims. Watch an exclusive clip from the film — which includes interviews with survivors, investigators, and lawyers — above.

Exclusive Clip from LIRR Massacre Documentary