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Conservatives Really Hate the Obamacare Flannel-Pajamas Hipster

The White House social media’s team insistence on trying to meme-ify everything, often with embarrassing results, has hit peak right-wing backlash with the goofy image above, because the only thing worse than trying to provide health insurance for millions of Americans is an effete young man who looks like he went to a liberal-arts college. Obamacare Flannel Pajamas Guy is the new Adriana. Fox News hosts can’t believe it! Now no one’s going to sign up! It’s the War on Manhood!

The self-proclaimed Top Conservatives on Twitter are having what they surely consider to be a field day:

Patchouli, yes — the preferred scent of all health-care-loving tree-huggers in the year 2013.

Conservatives Hate the Obamacare Pajama Hipster