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Cop Retires at 29 After Taking Staple to the Finger; Spends Free Time Shooting Gun

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Former New Jersey Transit officer Christopher Onesti is pulling in $46,000, tax free, for the rest of his life following a forced retirement before his 30th birthday. In 2008, he accidentally put a staple through his finger and was deemed “totally and permanently disabled.” The injury, a doctor said, could “significantly impede his ability to fire a weapon.” It was his non-shooting hand.

Recently, Onesti posted a video on Facebook that shows him firing a sniper rifle, as if to rub it in. “I’m very good with my right hand,” he said. But thanks to NBC New York’s investigation team, along with NJ Watchdog, the pension board has agreed to review the case. Even Onesti acknowledges the absurdity, blaming his easy payday on a broken “all or nothing system, which doesn’t make sense.”

“It looks ridiculous,” he admits. “I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily a question of deserve. It’s: What’s the law say?” A lifetime of Judge Judy awaits.

Cop Retires at 29 After Taking Staple to Finger