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Dennis Rodman Cares Not for North Korea’s Political Trifles

Photo: AFP Photo / Toru Yamanaka/Getty

The recent ouster and execution of an uncle and former right-hand man to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un did not faze friend-of-the-administration Dennis Rodman one little bit. Or so says the sponsor of his next trip, slated for Thursday, to go train the North’s basketball team. “It’s certainly safe, even when there is a bit of disruption like there is now — a bit of trouble or chaos — there’s even more need for cultural or sporting exchanges,” Rory Scott, a spokesman for Irish bookmakers Paddy Power, told Reuters. Rodman, whom the Miami Herald overheard trying to recruit a pal for the trip, is expected in Beijing this week before continuing on to North Korea Thursday. He’s due back Monday. But then, these things can change.

Dennis Rodman Cares Not for North Korea Politics