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Fordham to 2,500 Applicants: Congratulations! (Just Kidding)

Fordham University managed to simultaneously screw with 2,500 prospective students when a third-party financial aid contractor it had hired sent out letters to them saying, “Congratulations once again on your admission to Fordham University.” The problem was, none of them had actually been admitted. At least not yet. Five hundred were rejected outright while the rest had their decisions deferred to April 1, a spokesman told the New York Times. On Thursday, Fordham had to apologize to those who received the letter. “The University deeply regrets that some applicants were misled by the financial aid notice. The admission staff is working with S.A.S. to find out what went wrong,” the school said in a statement. Too bad those kids are too young to drink.

Fordham Falsely Accepts 2,500 Applicants