Fox News Declares War on Christmas

As Bill O’Reilly pointed out earlier this month, there is even less sense than usual this year in using the phrase “Happy Holidays” in place of “Merry Christmas,” because Hanukkah is already over and there are no other holidays one could possibly commemorate. “Bad news for the secular progressives,” O’Reilly said on his Fox News program, smiling smugly. Check. Mate.

Logically, it follows that anyone who continues to insist on wishing others “Happy Holidays” must be doing so out of some kind of irrational, anti-Christian fanaticism. 

A cable channel that runs a “Happy Holidays” greeting during a commercial break, to use a hypothetical example, likely possesses a deep-seated animosity toward the miracle birth of Baby Jesus:

Perhaps this same cable channel, so blinded by secularist zealotry that it runs this “Happy Holidays” greeting repeatedly and in multiple forms, wishes to deny the very Judeo-Christian values this nation was founded upon:

It goes without saying that, were this to ever happen, an ardent defender of Christmas like O’Reilly would devote airtime to chastising this hypothetical cable network for its glaring anti-religious agenda.