stand clear of the shooting bond

James Bond Kills Another Kid in Subway Ad Face-off

The man must be stopped. This currently ubiquitous ad for Skyfall has proven to be very difficult to place owing to the fact that Bond is firing his handgun at an invisible enemy out of the frame, resulting so far in the assumed deaths of President Abraham Lincoln and a small, dapper child. Here again, provided to Daily Intelligencer by a tipster from the Tarrytown Metro-North stop, is a kid — a sick one in a St. Jude’s ad, no less — being aimed at.

Reached by e-mail, a spokesperson for Epix, the company behind the Skyfall ads, said, “Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. We are meeting with our marketing department to discuss how to deal with this media buy.”

Bad juxtaposition is almost unavoidable in the case of this particular 007 pose, but the optics can’t get much worse than this one.

Update: “We have alerted our media group, and the billboard is being removed immediately,” the Epix spokesperson added in a subsequent statement. “When our marketing group buys ad space, they do not know what other campaigns will be adjacent, and depend on the outdoor sales company to review and manage potential issues of placement. Our marketing team is taking the issue up with the outdoor company to avoid any future repeat of the situation.”

James Bond Kills Another Kid in Subway Ad