Bernie Madoff Wants Everyone to Know He Tried to Help Regulators With JP Morgan Probe

Photo: Mario Tama/2009 Getty Images

In an e-mail sent to CNBC, Bernie Madoff claimed the feds “eagerly accepted” the information he offered on his former (and currently embattled) bank, JP Morgan Chase, which is reportedly close to an agreement to pay $2 billion to resolve investigations into why it didn’t alert the government to Madoff’s infamous Ponzi scheme. Sources confirmed that a middleman contacted the Treasury Department Inspector General’s office on Madoff’s behalf, though they “couldn’t” say whether the information had been useful. “I am not looking for any type of credit for my assistance, just their honesty,” he wrote from prison on Friday. “Nothing I could do at this point would help my image.” At least one of those things is true.

Madoff Says He Helped Regulators With JP Morgan