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New York’s Minimum-Wage Increase Starts New Year’s Eve

One Dollar Bill — Image by © Gregor Schuster/Corbis Photo: ? Gregor Schuster/Corbis

Back in March, Albany reached a budget deal wherein the state’s minimum wage would begin increasing steadily and eventually reach $9 an hour by the beginning of 2016. That first raise begins December 31, when employers will be required to pay workers a minimum of $8, as opposed to the present $7.25. That’s still not enough for the likes of Bill Wilkinson, who’s struggling to live on just $7.50 an hour. “It might mean a little more money. But it won’t be enough,” he told the Post Standard. If Wilkinson and other supporters of the Fair Minimum Wage Act (including the White House) get their way, federal base pay might just make it all the way up to $10.10, something the 57-year-old says “would be a blessing.”

New York’s Minimum-Wage Increase Starts on NYE