Not-So-Stiffed Waitress Returning Donations [Updated]

Photo: Have A Gay Day/Facebook

The case of Dayna Morales, the New Jersey waitress whose story about a homophobic family stiffing her on a tip turned out to be false, took yet another turn on Saturday, when it emerged that she’d started returning the donations people had made out of sympathy with her. Before the family who supposedly cheated Morales challenged her account, she said she would donate the money to the Wounded Warrior Project, which later revealed it hadn’t seen any of the money. Turns out that’s because Morales is returning it to those who donated in the first place — even sums as small as a dollar. People who donated via PayPal told NBC New York they’d already gotten their dollars back, though a guy who mailed cash said he was still waiting for his. Anyway, if this is the end of this saga, it’s probably just as well. Update: And now it’s really over. Morales’s employer, Gallop Asian Bistro, announced her termination on Facebook today.

Not-So-Stiffed Waitress Returning Donations