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NYPD Officer Shoots Man After Alleged Cane Attack

A man whom the New York Daily News described as “emotionally disturbed” was shot in the shoulder by an NYPD officer this morning. According to the police, the unidentified 27-year-old attracted the attention of two cops — a man and a woman — who were out on patrol on the border of Bushwick and Bed-Stuy when he began banging on an empty squad car with a wooden cane. CBS New York reports that the man ran away as the officers approached the car and ordered him stop trying to destroy it.

They chased him down, with the female cop catching up to him first. He then allegedly hit her over the head with the cane, which broke in half. (The blow is said to have caused a laceration and swelling.) The police say the man was preparing to take another swing at the officer when her partner fired at him. A witness told the Daily News that the man later tried to escape the EMTs that were called to treat his injury. “I saw them put him in the ambulance. He was on the stretcher and he got out of the ambulance — about 20 cops jumped him,” he said. “It was crazy.” It certainly sounds like it.

NYPD Officer Shoots Man After Cane Attack