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Pizza Vandal Has Strong Views on Customer Service

Dustin / @Fuggedaboutitt via Twitter Photo: Dustin / @Fuggedaboutitt via Twitter

When you receive less-than-stellar service in a restaurant, you have all kinds of recourse: You can leave a crummy tip, tell the manager how disappointed you are, go online and give the place a bad review, and so on. None of these were enough for one customer at the Yelp-adored New Park Pizza, in Queens. At around 4 a.m. Friday, the manager tells the New York Daily News, an apparently dissatisfied customer paid the place a visit to express his or her frustrations via some huge graffiti: “Worst Service Ever.” Not subtle, not polite, but certainly makes the point.

To bring the point home, the tagger got the back of the building too:

This plan to embarrass the business may backfire, however, as now we’re intensely curious to visit New Park and see just what about the service could have sparked such a furious response.

Pizza Vandal Has Strong Customer Service Views