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Buffalo Residents Waited Three Hours in the Snow for Popeye’s Grand Opening

This week in highly anticipated, out-of-control openings, Brooklyn has Whole Foods, Buffalo has a fried-chicken chain. Upstaters spent last night in massive lines for a new Popeye’s location, resulting in one of the great local news segments of our time, an instant classic. Naturally, things got heated: “We can’t stop the fighting because sometimes, you know, there are disputes with the line,” said the store’s thrilled owner.

I wouldn’t classify Popeye’s as fast food. It’s something else. It’s like a culture, a way of life, a cuisine, I guess,” explained one Buffalo man. Asked if it was worth the wait, he scoffed, “Oh, yeah, I would do this once a week.” Honestly, it beats Cronuts.

Popeye’s Opens to Three-Hour Wait in Buffalo