Rob Ford Had No Idea These Were Hells Angels, Okay?

Ford and co., labels courtesy of Hells Angels Toronto Downtown Photo: Hells Angels Toronto Downtown

It’s hardly the worst thing he’s ever done, but Toronto mayor and crack aficionado Rob Ford is in some mildly hot water for getting his picture taken with some Hells Angels at that Bills game where he also stole someone’s seat. He responded to questions about it with obvious annoyance: “How am I supposed to know who’s who? Seriously,” he told the CBC, rolling his eyes. “I don’t check for people’s credentials and ask for resumés before I take a picture…. I wasn’t aware that I was taking a picture with a Hells Angel.” So what good was all that mixing with the criminal underworld if he can’t even recognize an enormous Hells Angels logo dangling from someone’s neck?

Rob Ford Had No Idea These Were Hells Angels